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Teflo coating is a new type of coating with good performance. It is widely used in our lives, but you know that there are actually many restrictions on the use of Teflo coating. What are the usage restrictions below briefly introduced?

One, use

1. Mix the coating thoroughly before use. Brush, roll, spray.

2. The base layer of the coating should be free of dust, oil and other impurities, and the surface of the base layer should be solid and dry. When there is an old coating on the wall, remove the loose, peeling and powder coating, fill the defects with putty, and smooth it with sandpaper.

3. The construction temperature is greater than 5℃, the pH is less than 10, and the wall humidity is less than 10%. The new wall should be naturally placed for more than 30 days before construction.

4. Suggested coating time: once or twice. Theoretical coating rate: 8-10 m2/kg/layer.

5. It can be applied directly without dilution.

Two, restrictions

1. Teflo coating has "cold fluidity". That is, the plastic deformation (creep) of the material product under long-term continuous load brings certain restrictions to its application. For example, when PTFE is used as a sealing gasket, the bolts are tightened to achieve a tight seal, so when a certain compressive stress is exceeded, the gasket will generate "cold flow" (creep) and be crushed. These shortcomings can be overcome by adding appropriate fillers and improving the structure of the parts.

2. Polytetrafluoroethylene has excellent non-stick properties, which limits its industrial application. This is a good anti-sticking material, making it difficult to adhere to the surface of other objects.

3. The linear expansion coefficient of PTFE is 10-20 times that of steel, which is larger than most plastics. Its linear expansion coefficient changes irregularly with temperature changes. When using polytetrafluoroethylene, if insufficient attention is paid to this aspect of performance, it is easy to cause losses.



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