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Dongguan Likalong Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd. (Dongguan Likalong) integrates production and trade and has a professional R&D team and sales team. Since its establishment 20 years ago, it can provide different customers with different common problems. Large-scale well-known rubber, tire, shoe-making, electronics, mold, spraying enterprise cooperation, professional technology, professional quality

Production of various Teflo coatings, Teflo coatings, Teflo powder coatings, non-stick coatings, PAI resin (314, 316, 204, 200, 214, 7799), Teflo food non-stick coatings, nano-level New low-temperature Teflo coatings, ceramic coatings, boron nitride coatings, fluorocarbon paints, special wear-resistant and temperature-resistant coatings, silicon non-stick coatings, non-stick coatings for various electrical appliances, Teflo textile coatings (air drying at room temperature, spray , Brushing, immersion), special release agent.


Teflo water-based paint, high-temperature lubricating paint, screw paint, paint divided into high temperature, medium temperature, normal temperature, water-based, oily, single-layer, double-layer, three-layer, various colors, uniform Manufactured with excellent materials, the whole process of selling fluorine fine chemical materials, powder, liquid PTFE.PFA.ETFE.ECTFE, PAI, PES, FDA certification, SGS standards! Service hotline: +86 0769-85040985!

Company Culture

Abide by integrity, trustworthiness, and serve our customers
  • Experienced

    Have R&D team and sales team Solve Teflo problems for customers
  • Good quality

    Creative products are made of quality resin FDA certification、SGS standard
  • Prompt delivery

    Supervision scientific and perfect management system
  • Perfect service

    Professional after-sales team Provide you with professional solutions

Licaron Paint Customer Case

Likaron has established good cooperative relations with many large-scale well-known rubber,
tire, shoemaking, electronics, mold, and spraying companies


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