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Product Usage

The coating produced by Dongguan Likalong Synthetic Material Co., Ltd. is a high temperature resistant inorganic non-stick coating, which can be ceramic, etc., and is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum industry, textile industry, electrical products, rubber product industry, and various demolding industries; Industrial fields such as natural gas extraction and aerospace can withstand temperatures up to 350°C or higher. It not only resists high temperature, but also has the properties of heat shock and wear resistance. Through the coating, the metal surface and the surface of various refractory materials can be modified to improve the performance of the base material, save energy and improve the metal The service life of the base material is more than 1-2 times.

The products developed by our company have been widely used in various mold release, anti-corrosion, temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature electric irons, rice cookers, microwave ovens, bakeware and other products. The adhesion to metal is very good and very hard. After high-temperature calcination, the strength is more significant and does not crack. With good oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, colorful colors, the products are sold in Southeast Asia and Europe.

Performance characteristics

1. Green and environmental protection, harmless to human body.

2. Strong adhesion, good toughness, suitable for the coating of stainless steel, aluminum, iron phosphide, ceramics and bamboo carbon materials.

3. Excellent high temperature resistance, stable gloss and color under long-term high temperature use.

4. Excellent scratch resistance and corrosion resistance, high hardness, non-stickiness and good wear resistance.

5. Excellent continuous non-stick ability, long-term resistance to boiling water, salt water, milk, eggs, butter and other edible materials.

Physical and chemical indicators
project Index
Adhesion Level 0 (100 grid method)
odor no
Thermal shock 350°C/25°C, 20 cycles, no abnormality in the coating film.
Cold hardness/hot hardness ≥4H (aluminum alloy, Mitsubishi pencil).
Abrasion resistance >10000 times (loading 4.9 kg, 3M scratch cloth)
Corrosion resistance Soak in 70~80°C acid, 10% NaOH, solvent, water, salt water for 24 hours, and the paint film is normal.
Non-stick Strong anti-pollution to soy sauce, pigment, oil, milk, fried egg and cooking test meet the requirements.
Heat resistance: >500°C (long-term use temperature), >700°C (short-term use temperature).
Teflo coating for cookware and kitchenware

This product has passed strict FDA standards and can be applied to various food containers. It is recommended to be used on the inner and outer surfaces of various high-end cookware and kitchenware, such as woks, frying pans, rice cookers, bakeware, etc. The advantages are as follows:

It can be used for a long time under high temperature conditions of 200℃-400℃;

Hardness up to 6~9H: stable hardness at high temperature, not easy to scratch

Wear-resistant, hydrophobic and non-sticky oil, antibacterial and antifouling, easy to clean;

Water-based environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless, construction has no adverse effects on humans;

Fast heating, low energy consumption, uniform heating;

The processing temperature is low, which can significantly save energy and effectively protect the strength of aluminum and other substrates.

Teflo coating for cookware and kitchenware
Teflo coating for baking equipment

This product can be applied to the outer surface of various open flames or electric heating equipment, such as high-end ovens, barbecue appliances, microwave ovens, electric stove plates, rice cooker insulation, heating stoves, hair irons, etc. The advantages are as follows:

It can be used for a long time under 400℃-600℃;

Hardness 4-6H; stable at high temperature, resistant to open flame ablation, and effective protection against metal thermal corrosion;

The cost is low, the construction is easy, and it can partially replace the enamel.

Fast heating and uniform heating can reduce the strength drop and cracks caused by excessive local heat concentration in some metal products ("dry burning prevention")

Teflo coating for baking equipment
Teflo coating for electric iron

This product is recommended to be used on the surface of the soleplate of high-end electric irons. It has the following advantages:

Can be used for a long time under the condition of 200℃-400℃, no yellowing, anti-aging

The coating film has high hardness of 6-9H, wear resistance, scratch resistance, steam resistance, no corrosion and fall off

With far-infrared heating function, the temperature rise is obviously accelerated, the energy consumption is low, the appearance is elegant, and it can provide a variety of colors.

Teflo coating for electric iron
More applications
For the food industry

The purpose of spraying Teflo is to prevent the food from sticking. The baked food is easily demoulded, has the same shape and stable quality, shortens downtime, reduces cleaning and maintenance costs, and improves the efficiency of the food manufacturing and packaging process. Our company can spray food-grade Teflo on a variety of food-related machinery and equipment, such as kneading machines for bread and pastry processing, rollers, cutters, metal molds, various oven plates, various Pan, heat sealing machine, automatic packaging machine for food or sugar, packaging machine for cheese, bacon, sausage, agricultural and aquatic product processing equipment (for example, tea making machine, pressing fish mold, chicken frying Rod, fish kneading machine, rice noodle cake making machine, noodle making machine, dumpling mould and bean paste packaging), food and frozen food conveying pipe and food processing machine. There are also various equipment for sugar refining and wine making.

Used in the plastic and rubber industry

Based on economic benefits and required functions, our company can select appropriate Teflo coatings for customers to spray on the mold surface to solve the problem of product sticking to the mold and not easy to release, thereby extending the mold life. For example: molds for epoxy resin and phenolic resin products, molds for urethane foam, styrene foam molds, film production rollers, shoe soles, rubber gloves, tire forming molds, etc., synthetic rubber conveyor belts, and polyethylene molds , Glass low-belt rollers, and rollers for laminated film.

Used in electronics and automotive industry

The electronic and automotive industries use Teflo in a wide range and the substrate is different in size and material. Our company not only has Teflo paint, but also resin and ceramic paint, and sprayed Teflo in the 100,000-class static chamber to meet industrial requirements. For example: mobile phone plate, pilot valve seat, mixing chamber throttle valve, solenoid valve stem, valve, weather strip, carburetor shaft, piston, piston ring, throttle shaft, joystick, hinge pin, various bearings, Brake shoe, bearing retainer.

More applications


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