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Teflo coating for household appliances

In order to reduce the accumulation of food, grease and dirt to achieve easy cleaning and improve the quality of life. Our company can spray Teflo paint on all kinds of household appliances. For example, coffee pots, hamburger steak baking pans, scones pans, various pastry molds, icing utensils, pastry pans, oven pans, pie pans, juice filters, frying pans, etc. Home cutting tools garden plant trimming knives, lawn trimming knives, scissors, saws, kitchen knives, security razors, iron bases, sewing irons, perm hair tools, liquid level indicator buoys, etc.

Teflo coatings are used in the food industry

The purpose of spraying Teflo coating is to prevent food from sticking. The baked food is easily demoulded, has a consistent shape and stable quality, which shortens downtime, reduces cleaning and maintenance costs, and improves the efficiency of the food manufacturing and packaging process. Our company can spray food-grade Teflo on a variety of food-related machinery and equipment, such as kneading machines for bread and pastry processing, rollers, cutters, metal molds, various oven plates, various Pan, heat sealing machine, automatic packaging machine for food or sugar, packaging machine for cheese, bacon, sausage, agricultural and aquatic product processing equipment (for example, tea making machine, pressing fish mold, chicken frying Rod, fish kneading machine, rice noodle cake making machine, noodle making machine, dumpling mold and bean paste packaging), food, frozen food conveying pipe and food processing machine. There are also various equipment for sugar refining and brewing.

Used in the plastic and rubber industry

According to the economic benefits and required functions, our company can choose the appropriate Teflo coating for customers to spray on the mold surface to solve the problem of product sticking to the mold and not easy to demold, thereby extending the mold life. For example: molds for manufacturing epoxy resin and phenolic resin products, molds for urethane foam, styrene foam molds, film production rollers, shoe soles, rubber gloves, tire forming molds, etc., synthetic rubber conveyor belts, and polyethylene molds , Glass low tape rollers, and rollers for laminated film.

Used in printing, paper and fiber industries

Using the various characteristics of Teflo, our company can effectively solve the problems of cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipment caused by material adhesion or corrosion during the production process. For example: drying cylinders for production, sizing rollers, paper and fiber production rollers, guide rollers for each rod, rollers for binding, engraving, and pasting, paper tableware molds, printing rollers (to prevent paper friction and adhesion) , Ink tray.

Used in the medical device industry

In order to reduce the surface tension or conductivity of medical equipment, or do not want the medicine to be in direct contact with the device that transmits the medicine, it can be coated with Teflo certified for medicine or health care equipment for the purpose. Medical devices such as injection needles, needle tubes (inner needle tubes), dripping devices, catheters, medical equipment parts (such as gastroscope camera parts).

Used in electronics and automotive industry

The electronic and automotive industries use Teflo in a wide range and the substrate is different in size and material. Our company not only has Teflo paint, but also resin and ceramic paint, and sprayed Teflo in the 100,000-class static chamber to meet industrial requirements. For example: mobile phone plate, pilot valve seat, mixing chamber throttle valve, solenoid valve stem, valve, weather strip, carburetor shaft, piston, piston ring, throttle shaft, joystick, hinge pin, various bearings, Brake shoe, bearing retainer.

Used in the chemical industry

The Teflo coating can withstand 320 degrees in a short time, and generally can be used continuously between -200 degrees and 260 degrees. It has significant thermal stability. It can work at freezing temperatures without embrittlement, and does not become brittle at high temperatures. It melts, and Teflo has strong inertness. Except for individual media, it can withstand various acids, alkalis, salts and organic substances (solvents). Teflo is hardly corroded by any chemicals and can protect parts from any kind Chemical corrosion.

Used in other manufacturing

Teflo has a very wide range of applications. We believe that with the rapid development of technology in various industries, there must be other applications to be developed by our company and you; in addition to the above industries, other manufacturing industries can also be used; for example: construction Materials used for demoulding of plywood for furniture, fans and ducts for exhaust, rollers for photocopiers, rollers for cigarette production, rocket propellant molds, hooks for painting, electroplating equipment, and hot water supply equipment. Various plungers, vending machine parts, flow troughs for glassware production, guide rollers, various feeder parts, camera parts, circular saws, agricultural machinery parts, watch parts, elevator skirts, etc. Working mother machine, frictionless bearing, various machines (roller rod of sliding frame). Spring (can be stretched smoothly under tension, no sharp sound, strong durability), gun (coated with Teflo coating on the inside of the barrel, can make it dry lubrication.



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