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1. Performance    

Teflo TEFLO, also known as Teflo, Teflo, Teflo coating can be applied to carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium and various alloys and other metal materials, can also be applied to glass, glass fiber and some On non-metallic materials such as rubber and plastic. The application of Teflo coating is usually a combination of its own superior performance, its performance includes:


The surface of Teflo coating has very low surface tension, so it exhibits strong non-stickiness. Very few solid substances can permanently stick to the coating. Although gelatinous substances may adhere to its surface to some extent, most materials are easy to clean on its surface.

Teflo coating has the lowest coefficient of friction among all solid materials, and its range is about 0.05~0.2, depending on the surface pressure, sliding speed and the coating used.

The surface of Teflo coating has strong hydrophobic and oleophobicity, so it is easier to clean thoroughly. In fact, coatings exhibit self-cleaning properties in many cases.  

In a fairly wide frequency range, Teflo has a high dielectric strength, a very low dielectric constant, and a very high surface resistance. After special formulation or industrial treatment, it can even have certain conductivity and can be used as antistatic coating.   

The coating has strong high temperature resistance and fire resistance. This is because Teflo has a high melting point and spontaneous ignition point, as well as an unexpectedly low thermal conductivity. The maximum working temperature of Teflo coating can reach 290 °C, and the intermittent working temperature can even reach 315 °C.    

Generally, Teflo® is not affected by the chemical environment. The only chemicals known to affect Teflo are molten alkali metals and fluorinating agents at high temperatures. Many Teflo industrial coatings can withstand the harsh absolute zero without loss of mechanical properties. Teflo industrial coatings can be used at temperatures as low as -270oC/-454oF.



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