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1. Introduction

The main active ingredient of water-based Teflo non-stick coating is polytetrafluoroethylene (FTFE). The molecular structure of FTFE is one cF2 one cF2 one. Since the carbon chain in the molecule is surrounded by highly electronegative fluorine atoms, a stable c-F bond is formed. To break this bond, more than 500 J heat energy is required, so PTFE has excellent heat resistance. At the same time, because it can shield the c atoms on the main chain, it makes the surface inert. Almost all viscous substances cannot adhere to this surface. The non-stickiness is good, but it cannot be adhered by ordinary methods. In the molecule, the mutual repulsion force between fluorine atoms is large, and the spatial arrangement of the C-F molecular chain is spiral, so that the molecular chain is relatively rigid and the melting viscosity is high. Although the molecular chain is stiff, it is easy to slip between molecules. This characteristic gives it beneficial self-lubricity and low friction coefficient.

FITE has a regular structure, high crystallinity, and is almost insoluble in any solvent at room temperature;

Why does this Teflo non-stick coating need 2 coats? This is due to the extremely low surface energy of PTFE, and the poor adhesion of the coating formed after high temperature melting and cooling, so it needs a good adhesion to the substrate. Therefore, a primer must be used to match it, and it is more used Polyphenylene sulfide resin and polyamideimide (PAI).

PAI is a product made by introducing an amide bond into a polyimide molecule. It is an aromatic amorphous polymer with both amide and imide groups on the main chain, and its glass transition temperature g is relatively high. PAI has a low coefficient of friction and has good wear resistance at high temperatures. PAI and VFFE have good compatibility,

The combination of the two has a wide range, which is conducive to the development of non-stick coatings with different compositions to meet various needs. In addition to the above characteristics, PAI, as a binding component of non-stick coatings, has the following characteristics: PAI is made into an aqueous solution and forms a single phase with water, which is beneficial to the preparation of water-based coatings; although its proportion in the coating is small, However, PTFE can be firmly attached to the substrate; the coating film has good leveling and thixotropy, and the coating is smooth; it has good pigment dispersion and easy coloring. Because PAI has many advantages when used in water-based non-stick coatings, many foreign companies use PAI as a bonding component in water-based non-stick coatings.

Water-based double-layer Teflo non-stick coating, suitable for double-layer non-stick coating on metal surfaces of kitchen utensils such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, ceramics and stainless steel. There are many types of fluororesins. Among many fluororesins, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) The friction coefficient is the smallest, so PTFE is the fluororesin of choice for non-stick coatings.

In order to obtain better coating performance or ease of construction, on the basis of general PTFE, add tetrafluoroethylene-perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether copolymer (PFA) or tetrafluoroethylene-hexafluoropropylene copolymer (FEP), etc. Resin, so the fluororesin used in non-stick coatings is generally a mixture of FTFE.


1. It can be applied to many fields that require non-stick and anti-corrosion, such as electric rice cooker inner liner, bakeware, cast iron pot, cast iron pan, deep fryer, pressure cooker, aluminum non-stick pan, electric frying pan, oven, electric bakeware, etc. . It is more suitable for high-end frying pans and frying pans. Compared with general water-based paints on the market, it has higher gloss, better fullness, higher hardness and more favorable unit price. This series of products has passed FDA, ROHS, LFGB certification.

2. Used on some mechanical parts that need non-stick requirements. Anti-adhesive cloth, anti-hot melt adhesive, etc.

3. Used on the surface of plastic and rubber molding molds to prevent sticking, reduce the use of release agents, improve production efficiency, and extend the life of the mold.



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