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Teflo coatings are now widely used in various occupations. With its excellent non-stick properties, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance, it is widely used in the kitchenware market and occupies most of the market share, but there are many customers in During the application process, the Teflo paint coating simply fell off and cracked. Why is this?  In the process of using the non-stick pan, if the user uses a hard object (shovel, steel wire ball, etc.) to scrape and scratch it, the coating will be damaged and fall.


Some manufacturers produce unqualified coatings, poor adhesion, poor corrosion resistance, and poor high temperature resistance. As long as one of these functions is unqualified, the life of the coating will be greatly shortened. After a period of time, it will appear to fall and crack.   

The so-called three-part coating and seven-part packaging means that the application of clear coatings has a major impact on the final function of the coating. If a good coating is applied incorrectly, it will also present various problems. 


1. Suitable substrate   

Each paint has ductility and shortening rate. Teflo paint is relatively small compared to other paints. Therefore, the raw materials of the sprayed pot should also be shortened accordingly. The heating time of the pot and the Teflo coating coating The same coefficient of expansion and cooling time will shorten at the same time. If the shortening rate is different, it is like a fat man wearing thin clothes, which is simply broken, and microscopically, the coating is cracked. When selecting the substrate, the shortening rate of iron is relatively large, and aluminum is suitable. Customers choose non-stick pans, and it is recommended to choose non-stick pans made of aluminum materials. 


2. The pre-treatment of the workpiece is not good   

Teflo said that the Teflo coating has high requirements for the pretreatment of the workpiece, and every step should not be careless or in place, for example: whether there is degreasing, sandblasting, sandblasting requirements The roughness is 2-3 microns. Whether these pre-treatments are done well is not obvious from the appearance, but when it can be used for a while, the problem is simply presented. We often see customers buying non-stick pans and using them only a few times. , It appears to be dropped, and the merchant does not return the goods, and the drop is the reason.  

3. The thickness of the primer and the thickness of the top coat affect

The thicker the Teflo coating, the better, of course, it is not as thin as possible. You have to control its thickness. If the primer is sprayed too thickly, the solvent of the primer will evaporate slowly during the drying process of the primer, and it will not evaporate completely. After the topcoat is applied, the solvent of the primer will bulge the topcoat during the curing process. It is blistering, sometimes divided, the bubbles that we can't see with the naked eye are actually tiny bubbles, which is equivalent to blocking the top coat and the primer. If the primer is sprayed too thinly, since the primer composition is mainly to bond the workpiece and the topcoat, the primer is too thin, its adhesion will decrease, and the topcoat will simply fall off. If the topcoat is sprayed too thickly, the paint on the surface will not spread out, and the leveling will not be good, which will cause the paint to wrinkle after curing, and it will fall off with a little external force.  

If it is too thin, the coating will not be sticky and the service life of the non-stick pan will be short.

4. Curing temperature and time

The temperature is too low or the baking time is short, the coated PTFE is not melted, the adhesion is poor, the appearance is white, the hardness is low, and the adhesion is poor. The temperature is too high or the baking time is long, the coating is yellowish, dull, Teflo has been carbonized, and the service life is greatly shortened.  

5. Oven influence   

Every spraying factory uses a certain error in the oven. We must have such an understanding that the temperature displayed on the oven is not equal to the actual temperature. It is normal for the two to have an error of ten or twenty degrees. Some of our customers have an error of 50 degrees. For Teflo baking, this is a fatal problem.

The position of different parts is different. Some hot-air circulating ovens, non-stick pans that come out in different directions, some positions are qualified and some are not qualified, because the temperature in different positions is different. The power of the oven is affected. Some ovens have low power and slow heating, so the baking time is relatively longer. Regarding the influence of the oven, this is different for each factory, and the craftsman must bake according to the parameters and characteristics of each oven.

After many customers' experience, we generally recommend primer thickness of 15±3 microns, topcoat of 12-15 microns, and curing temperature of 380-390. Curing time: 5-8 minutes after the workpiece reaches the curing temperature. The above is the analysis and solution of the cause of the fall of the Teflo coating. If we still have questions, we can inquire.



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