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Teflo spraying brings better quality to the workpiece to a certain extent, while greatly improving product performance. The main reason is that Teflo spraying can make the surface of the workpiece obtain various special properties such as wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, sealing, lubrication, insulation, anti-sticking and moisture resistance.

Teflo spraying applications are very extensive, in addition to metals and alloys, there are ceramics, plastics, non-metallic minerals and composite materials. Teflo spraying can be sprayed on the surface of metals, ceramics, glass and plastics. Therefore, it can be used to repair the old and waste in equipment maintenance, so that the scrapped parts can be "resurrected" and can also be strengthened and pre-protected in the manufacture of new products, so that it can "live longer". Therefore, Teflo spraying technology can be widely used in many industries such as aerospace, aviation, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, coal, railway, textile and so on.



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